How to reduce motion sickness while playing video games?

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Motion sickness is a common problem among players. Unfortunately, it may prevent many people from experiencing titles that they otherwise would be interested in playing. Even the greatest game in the world is not worth experiencing headaches, dizziness and other extremely unpleasant or even dangerous symptoms. In this article, we will explain why this harmful phenomenon happens and point out to some ways of overcoming it.

There is a common theory that describes the basic cause of the motion sickness phenomenon. Basically, because it happens when your brain thinks that you are moving even though you are really not, it is supposed to be connected with your body thinking that it has been poisoned and the movement that you are seeing but not feeling is a hallucination. This happens not only to gamers – for instance, it has been a common problem among flight pilots taking part in simulations.

Although it cannot be said that the motion sickness causes are exactly the same for everyone, there are some types of games that are the most frequent offenders. The titles we are talking about here are first-person action games that have two types of movements going on at once. For instance, in many games of this type you can at once observe the view bobbing up and down as the character walks, and at the same time his weapon moving up and down. Therefore, titles such as Halo or Call of Duty can often cause players to feel quite violently sick. For some players, this problem cannot be overcome, meaning that they probably should find some other types of games to play. However, in many cases motion sicknesses can indeed be reduced and then eliminated.

The most basic thing that one can do is turn on more lights in the room and avoid sitting too close to the screen – which is actually recommended for any gamer, since playing in the dark and being inches away from the screen are hazardous for eyesight. It is also recommended to play those sickness-inducing titles only for short periods, stopping right as they start to cause the aforementioned system. With time, the brain may realize that what you are seeing and doing is not harmful to you. Also, medication (Dramamine, Bonine) can also be quite helpful.

It has to be mentioned however that in some cases, the aforementioned method of gradually building up tolerance to certain types of onscreen movement might still prove to be ineffective. In such cases, it is better to stick to 2D games that offer simpler movement. They can be as interesting as the realistic 3D titles!

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