Best video games to play with friends

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Right now, there are a lot of great multiplayer games to play with friends. What is important is that a lot of those titles offer local co-op, meaning that you can play them with your friend sitting beside you on the couch. If you are a looking for a game to bond over with your friends, these are some of the best options!

One of the best co-op titles available right now belongs to a genre that is rarely associated with this type of gaming: Divinity: Original Sin 2, an enormously complex RPG. In the co-op mode, each player controls a different member of the party, meaning that all the decisions have to be discussed between players – or left to blind chance with the use of a rock-paper-scissors system. Because of this, playing through the game’s compelling campaign is a lot of fun for all of the players.

If you love extremely challenging games and have a friend who shares this predilection, Cuphead‘s co-op mode is just the right mode for you. This cartoonish co-op shooter is not easier when playing together – in fact, having two players complicates the matter even further. However, there is a real thrill in overcoming heady challenges together!

Don’t Starve Together is a co-op update of one of the most interesting and unforgiving survival games out there. Exploring its dangerous world with a friend is really entertaining, as it allows you to come up with strategies for preparation against starving.

If you and your friend are fans of strategy games, Total War: Warhammer is a great choice. Taking part in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe, it allows players to make alliances between each other to take on the enemies. The game is a really fresh take on the Total War formula thanks to its light RPG formula and fantasy stylings.

One of the best co-op games for any platform is a title that makes a real-life activity that a lot of us have taken part in really exciting: Overcooked, a game about cooking! In this game, the players are playing the role of restaurant kitchen workers, tasked with preparing delicious meals on short notice. The game requires precise teamwork as it throws many chaotic situations at the player, successfully emulating the real-life stress of a restaurant kitchen.

If you have been interested in local co-op games for some time, you have almost certainly have heard of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, a fast-paced space shooter that demands clockwork-precise cooperation between players and dazzles with colorful, cartoon-style graphics. Unfortunately, you will not be able to play it online, as it can only be played via local co-op. On the other hand, considering that local co-op has so long been neglected in favor of online multiplayer, is it really such a bad thing?

For those looking for a more story-focused co-op title, A Way Out is the perfect choice. This cinematic action-adventure game that tells the story of Leo and Vincent, two criminals planning a prison break. It offers no single-player option and can only be played in a split-screen co-op mode (local or online).

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