The lines between console and PC gaming have become quite blurry in recent years. Most of the big titles are multi-platform releases, meaning that the genres associated with PC s or consoles can now be player regardless of the platform. Still, there are still some great titles that can be only played on a personal computer. Let us take a look at some of the best PC exclusives of the recent years!

One of the biggest PC games of the recent years is an incredibly complex and satisfying real-time strategy game. The title we are talking about is Warhammer III: Dawn of War. Its gameplay combines micromanagement and combat inspired by MOBA games. It is definitely a highly-recommended from the single- and multi-player perspective, especially for the fans of the Warhammer universe.

If you are a fan of truly old-school role-playing games, you may be interested in the upcoming Bard’s Tale IV. It is a revival of a RPG series that began in the late eighties, made by InXile Entertainment – a company that specializes in reviving classic franchises such as Wasteland and Planescape: Torment. The game promises to be a combination of nostalgia and innovative ideas, sure to please the players who have been playing role-playing games for decades.

The gamers brought up in the early aughts have a lot of nostalgia for the arena-based first person multiplayer shooters such as Unreal Tournament and Quake III: Arena. It seems that the genre will enjoy a triumphant comeback thanks to Quake Champions, which will be the first entry in the classic Quake series since 2005’s Quake 4. It promises both a return to the fun of early multiplayer shooters and many improvements, offering the players to play as many different characters, each equipped with an unique set of abilities.

One of the most interesting upcoming PC exclusives is Dauntless, ironically modeled on two franchises that began as console games – Monster Hunter and Dark Souls. It is going to be a massive multiplayer action RPG in which the players are going to take part in increasingly difficult battles with enormous monsters. The open beta has already been released, so you can check whether the designer’s take on the action RPG genre fits your tastes.

One thing that the PC gamers definitely cannot complain about is the number of entertaining multiplayer shooter games. Case in point: 2017’s Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, a realistic tactical shooter that offers the players the opportunity to take part in tense 64-player matches. Compared to other games of this type, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is much more naturalistic, making players feels as if they were really taking part in bloody skirmishes.

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